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Talk us about your "Towards The Sinister " Demo?

"Towards The Sinister " is a 25 minutes of Darkness , morbid suffering, harrowing solitude and utter, utter sorrow. The first song "Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium" is 8.40 minutes long an is generally about heaven and hell, "Vast Choirs" is similar but not quite as long, both these first two song are quite slowish but the next two are real brutal bastards, Grief Of Age" is about dieing far from the ones you love, and "Catching Feathers" is a brutal true story about a maniac who smashed a 5 year old girls head open, then fucked her while she was still alive, and finally, cut her head off, a right sick bastard.

What is the next step for the band?

Well, now that have signed to Peaceville we will do a 12" single ("Symphonaire....)which should be out in Europe around Christmas. Its all very exciting for us right now.

Talk about of your concerts?

They are not very different from anyone else's gigs really, we just play the best we can and hope people enjoy it, we enjoy it so that's OK.

How are your local scene?

Very good, there are loads of death/grind/noise bands emerging out of the U.K now and its great stuff.

What are you opinion about classics bans like Venom, Bathory?

I love Bathory. Venom are OK. but Bathory are better, I used to write to Quorthon all the time, but he stopped replying around "Hammerheart" and I don't have time to write again just yet. he's a very nice person and great musician, Bathory Rule.

Who is your God?

Good Question Paulo, and one I cannot answer. God is a story, Satan is a myth, until I die I'm not going to say who my god is and then it will be too late....maybe even for me.

Last comments....thanks Aaron.

Thanks for everything Paulo, Good Luck with "Ultimatum God" and Thank you to everyone who has helped us Dave, Peardrop, Peaceville, Beherit, Rigor Mortis Zine.....well , you know who you are. Cheers ENJOY THE DARKNESS....WE DO


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